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Daily weigh in and details

Friday, October 11th, 2013

119 kg

Lunch photos

Friday, October 11th, 2013


Friday, October 11th, 2013

Day 1 lets keep this going

Journey to being young

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Hi all of you who choose to follow this blog, I have decided to have part of my life audited by anyone who is interested.

The reason I started this blog, is a way for me to keep track and hopefully get to the ideal weight of 75kg. Currently I weigh in at 120kg! I have tried just about everything under the sun and nothing really works.

I have not yet resigned to the fact I will be pudgy for several reasons.

  1. I think I have an obligation to my children to set as a role model
  2. I gotta be around to take care of them

I hope to also gain some insights into why i keep getting back to where i am and sometimes rebound with a vengeance.

Just a bit of a background about me.

I am 36 at the time of writing, been plump all my life. While I was in the army, I managed to get down to a nice 75 kg when disaster stuck. I was badly injured and then I ballooned to the current 120kg.,

Today I run several successful business, some of which take little of my time, others take up so much time that I sleep late. Yesterday, I slept at 4 am just to clear work. Today, right now its 1 am.

I do not really binge, eat during working hours. Have 3 square meals a day work really long hours, hardly exercise. I AM SICK OF ALL THIS. I wanna be young again, not just in my mind, but i want to be young again, and i believe that is possible.

I am not planning to look photo perfect. All I want is to feel good inside, that I am looking forward to. I owe it to myself to get it down to this. I have many accolades under my belt from education to business to family. I would expect no less of this for myself.

This documents that journey to being young again..